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We hope that you would consider joining the "army of encouragers" and look to make a difference through the power of encouragement!

Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. was founded by John Leonard Harris in 2002 to "help the unappreciated, undervalued and often overlooked people in our communities."  We service many who "fall through the cracks" of other help organization.  We are blessed to not have a great deal of bureaucracy and red tape that keep us from making a difference when the help is truly needed.

We also work to make our communities better by building relationship with police and community members.  We partner with organizations that want to bring people together.  Our desire is to "make encouraging and inspiring others a way of life," not an afterthought.


Our three pillars of the organization are:

PROGRAMS  - We look to build hope by "filling in the gaps" with programming that truly meets the needs of individuals, families and our community. 

Programs include: “Encouraging the Arts,” “Dress to Impress Suit Giveaway,” “Manhood 101: Boys to Men Conference,” “No More, No Here Anti-Violence Rally,” “Can We Chat: Community Conversations with Police,” “Holiday Blessings Gift Card Project” and “Encouragement Care Package Project.”

PARTNERSHIPS - We realize that we do not have to "reinvent the wheel." We look for organizations that need the help that we can provide and believe what we believe.  We look forward to working with organizations that want to make a difference!  

Partnerships include: Sam’s Club (North LINCOLN), Lied Center for Performing Arts, Men‘s Wearhouse, Lincoln Police Department, Target Stores, Racquet Corner, Salvation Army, Bridges to Hope, and Clyde Malone Community Center.

POSTCARDS - We believe in the "power of encouragement" and offer encouragement through our postcards to people all across the country.  We always offer postcards to those who want to "join the army of encouragers" and will send encouragement to those in their sphere of influence. 

Over 20,000 sent out!


It's that time of year again; time for our annual HOLIDAY BLESSINGS GIFT CARD PROJECT.  We need your help to acquire the gift cards ($20 or more) to give to needy individuals and families.  You can help by purchasing cards from grocery or department stores with grocery sections.  Send those cards to us by mail at: Encouragement Unlimited, Inc., P. O. Box 84734, Lincoln, NE 68501.

You can also donate by using our online pay links
(see donation links on the right side of this page).  Click the link below to go to our donation page.




We offered the first ever Twyla HIll Nursing Scholarship and the winner was Janet Goodman Banks (center).  

Ms. Goodman Banks is studying at the Bryan School of Nursing is receiving the $500  check from the daughters of Twyla Hill (Julane Hill, far left) and Tami Murrish).



An anonymous donation turned into a $500 donation to The Bridge's substance abuse efforts in the name of Marvin Sullivan who died in 2020.

Pictured with the check from Marvin's family, from left to right are: Tammy Stevenson (Exec. Director of The Bridge, Regina Sullivan (Marvin's mother and Encouragement founder, John Leonard Harris)

Marvin Lee Sullivan was only 24 when he died in June of 2020.



What better time for encouragement than in a time of crisis?  We always believe that the time is right to seek to make a difference by encouraging others in some way.  Our ENCOURAGEMENT CARE PACKAGE project was just one way that we could help individuals, families and the homeless in our community.

Our initial intent was to make about eight (8) care packages, but with the help of the community and people across the country, we have made (and delivered) 175 care packages to individuals and families, as well as 150 bags for the homeless.

We would appreciate your help!  Use the donation options (below) to give your generous tax-deductible donation to help us in this effort!.

Donate using:
PayPal: PayPal.Me/JohnHarris220

Cashapp: $MrEncouragement
Venmo: @John-Harris-514


See the story by Nicole Griffith about our Encouragement Care Package project broadcast April 1st on KOLN/KGIN channel 10/11.



"Encouraging Moments" Coupon Books
helps to make lasting memories!


Link (Click on this Link to go to our DONATIONS/PRODUCTS page so that you can order yours today!  Only $10,  buy more than one and give it away.


Join the "army of encouragers" with our postcards.  The postcards come in sets of 20 with a variety of encouraging words printed on the bottom.  All you have to do is write an "encouraging note" on the back of the card and put it in the mail. 

Order yours using the link below: https://www.encouragementunlimited.org/apps/webstore/products/show/5184961



Contact us:

Encouragement Unlimited, Inc.
c/o John Leonard Harris
P. O. Box 84734
Lincoln, NE 68501
Email: mr.encouragement@gmail.com


We know that with high gas prices people need help.  We have been purchasing $20 gift cards from Casey's as our way of helping those who need gas to get to work or just to get from one place to another.  We would appreciate your help.

If you are in a Casey's General Store, pick up a gift card and send it to: Encouragement Unlimited, Inc., P. O. Box 84734, Lincoln, NE 68501.  Thank you so much for your help!


Donate today to support the ongoing charitable work of Encouragement Unlimited, Inc.

Donate using:
PayPal: PayPal.Me/JohnHarris220
Cashapp: $MrEncouragement

My former St. Louis Priory classmate, Dr. Peter Von Doersten from Missoula, Montana took his "ENCOURAGE SOMEONE TODAY" wristband with him as he climbed a mountain in Africa.


John Leonard Harris' book offers "PRACTICAL WISDOM"

To order from our website and receive the book directly from our stock (based on availability).  

Use this purchase link:


Encouragement Unlimited receives two awards for service to the community

Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. president John Leonard Harris with Dr. Colleen Jones presenting him with the mentoring award given in honor of her late husband, Dr. Melvin Jones, former Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.


John was awarded the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Wall of Honor” recognition for his contribution to promoting diversity and contributing to the betterment of the city of Lincoln. 

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