“Offering a hand up and a way out”

About Us

Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. seeks to make encouraging and inspiring others a way of life.

Encouragement Unlimited, Inc. was founded by John Leonard Harris in 2002 to “help the unappreciated, undervalued and often overlooked people in our communities.” We service many who “fall through the cracks” of many need-based services. We are blessed to be a resource and an advocate for people without bureaucracy and red tape that many often encounter.

Our work involves more than the work we do, we want to “share a message” of encouragement, hope, and possibilities.

We also work to make our communities better by building relationship with police and community members. We partner with organizations that want to bring people together. Our desire is to “make encouraging and inspiring others a way of life.”

Becoming an Encouragement Unlimited monthly supporter! Our donation book allows you to send in your much appreciated gift and keep a record for your taxes.  Contact us today and we will send one right out to you.

Check out these men “dressed to impress!”

What a great time at our “dress to impress” community suit giveaway! Our event which began at 10am and ended at 3pm was a day of transformations.  The pictures below tell the whole story.

We were thrilled to serve James, a military veteran who came to us looking for a way to feel better about himself and the way things were going in his life.

We also were able to serve Silas, a high school freshman whose mother thought that a new suit would put a smile on his face. It worked!

Pillars of the organization

Consider joining the “army of encouragers” and look to make a difference through the power of encouragement!


We look to build hope by “filling in the gaps” with programming that truly meets the needs of individuals, families and our community.

Programs Include

“Encouraging the Arts,” “Dress to Impress Suit Giveaway,” “Manhood 101: Boys to Men Conference,” “No More, No Here Anti-Violence Rally,” “Can We Chat: Community Conversations with Police,” “Holiday Blessings Gift Card Project” and “Encouragement Care Package Project.”


We realize that we do not have to “reinvent the wheel.” We look for organizations that need the help that we can provide and believe what we believe. We look forward to working with organizations that want to make a difference!

Partnerships Include

Sam’s Club (North LINCOLN), Lied Center for Performing Arts, Men‘s Wearhouse, Lincoln Police Department, Target Stores, Racquet Corner, Salvation Army, Bridges to Hope, Clyde Malone Community Center and Mary Ellen’s Restaurant.


We believe in the “power of encouragement” and offer encouragement through our postcards to people all across the country. We always offer postcards to those who want to “join the army of encouragers” and will send encouragement to those in their sphere of influence.

Join our "Be Kind" Initiative

Our “BE KIND” initiative has touched people across the world.

Get in touch today and get our buttons, bumper postcards, stickers, magnets and wristbands so that you can spread this great message everywhere you go!

"BE KIND" in Charlotte, North Carolina

Maracle Sutton hasn’t wasted any time becoming a “BE KIND” ambassador in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Maracle is a ray of sunshine and takes the message to heart!  She is spreading the message with great excitement!

"BE KIND" IN Saint Lucia

We took the “BE KIND” message all the way to St. Lucia on a recent trip. Morrison Jnolewis shows off his button with a smile. By the time we left the Marigot Bay resort, many employees were wearing or asking for our “BE KIND” buttons.  It was an amazing atmosphere with kindness as the order of the day.

Let’s Work Together

“Filling in the gaps” with programming and services that truly meets the need.

“ENCOURAGING THE ARTS,” our partnership with the Lied Center for Performing Arts which provides tickets to Lied events for youth and adults in low-income families.

“GRAB AND GO THANKSGIVINGS DAY MEALS our annual partnership with Mary Ellen’s restaurant to offer meals for those in need.


“GAS CARD PROGRAM” helping individuals and families with gas to get to work or for those living in their vehicles.

“CARE PACKAGE PROGRAM” for families and homeless” over 300 made and delivered.

“MEN’S SUIT GIVEAWAY” helping men “dress to impress” to increase their opportunities for better employment.

“HOLIDAY BLESSINGS GIFT CARD PROGRAM” helping families that are struggling during the holidays.

As a way to share our messages and keep our organization going, we have merchandise that you can purchase.  Every purchase helps us to do more of what we love, “encouraging people!”

Our books, buttons, wristbands, bumper stickers, postcards and coupon books will help you join the “army of encouragers.”

Click the Shopify link and get your “encouragement merch” today!

Check out Practical Wisdom!

Practical Wisdom is a compilation of the quotes that have impacted John Leonard Harris’ life. Each bit of practical wisdom has a lesson that Mr. Harris has learned and he desires that you might be impacted by them as well. Each quote provides the reader with the opportunity to REFLECT, REACT and RESPOND. The hope is that each reader will find “helpful nuggets” that will transform their life.